3 Latest Detox Crazes – Healthy Or Trendy?

Your head must be swirling with over dosage of information about body detox diets and detox methods. It seems that everyone on TV and the Internet is claiming that their new detox way is the best detox program. But you’ve done your homework so you already know that detoxification is good for the body. How can you tell which one of these claims is genuine or just a whim?

Here are the 3 current fads on detox:

1. Detox Foot Bath. Your feet are included when people are doing detox for the whole body. The detox foot bath is not similar to the usual foot bath provided by a plastic massager, which you sometimes get as Christmas gift. A detox foot bath is done using a metal container that emits electric charge to the water. You will not get hurt because the electric charge is weak. It will bind the toxins in your body and will pull them out through the pores of the skin in your feet.

Most people say the detox foot bath works very well. But what is the point of removing toxins from the body through detox foot bath when you’ll be putting them back into your body? So you must make sure that you’ll be watching what you eat, too. Otherwise, getting a detox through special foot bath will be useless.

2. All-Juice Detox Diet. This kind of diet is similar to fasting. One should be in perfect health before trying the juice detox diet. It is strongly recommended that you should consult your doctor before fasting through all-juice diet. But if you consume nothing but juice for more than two days, you will be depriving your body many important vitamins and minerals. If you drink only juice and not eat anything, your health will be put in danger for lack of necessary nutrients.

However, drinking juice from fruits and vegetables is a good habit that will help cleanse your system. This way you’ll be having a proper ionicfootbath detox diet, which should help you gain a better health.

3. Detox by Purging. Purging is one of the normal and temporary side effects of any detox program; but when you purge yourself deliberately, you’ll be putting your whole health at risk. You might develop bulimia or you might harm your colon.

Purging is done through stuffing yourself with fiber, laxatives, and/or supplements; so that you will always visit the bathroom as part of the detox diet is not always healthy. Because when you purge, you will be getting rid of everything inside your body: the harmful toxins and the helpful nutrients. You will feel sick and weak. This is not the right way to detox. Although these symptoms can be normal during detox, you should not have any lasting negative effects to your body.

Purging cleans the colon but this should be done slowly. There is no validity to many claims that your colon can store years of toxin build-up. You must do your body cleansing in gradual steps; so that you’ll eliminate only the toxins but still keep the nutrients.

Detoxification is the “in” thing today. People are crazy about losing weight through detox diets and many have seen evidences that the detox craze really works. However, you must do some researches before trying the latest detox programs. You must make sure that you’re not just putting your body at risk. The main goal of having a detox is for health improvement.


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