An Aspect of Drug Treatment Which Most People Miss

Drug treatment is more specialized than most people realize, most people and treatment centers believe that they can help all of the addicts in the same way, this is probably why we are seeing such pathetic figures when it comes to recovery rates and such high ones when it comes to relapse incidences.

What the medical and alcohol withdrawal timeline treatment institutions often fail to realize is that each and every individual suffering from addiction is an individual and for this reason what might work for one most certainly will not work for another and if you look at the drug addiction recovery statistics, this becomes very evident.

We are so used to trying to group everyone with a certain problem under the same treatment that we have forgotten that many people who suffer from addiction have their own spiritual, mental and physical aspects and therefore we begin to believe that drug treatment can be standardized and enforced and expected to work.

Well believe me, someone who walked the road of addiction for more than a decade that this is simply not the case. I remember when I went for my drug treatment, religion and all the rest of the normal routes where practically forced down my throat, this very nearly ended up in me becoming yet another rehabilitation failure statistic.

However there was a very special therapist who understood that drug treatment needs to be as individual as the patient suffering from the addiction. Should this have not been the case, I truly believe that I would have left my drug treatment and simply landed back on the streets using again.

So when you are considering all of the different options available to yourself or a loved one when it comes to drug treatments, be sure to look a bit further than the normal routes. If the normal routes are simply offering dismal success statistics and multiple relapses, maybe it is time to consider a different approach.

Very often we forget about the obvious ways to duplicate success as we are so stuck in what we have been lead to be true. Since I have recovered from my heroin addiction, not one institution or professional has come to me in order to find out what it is that made me succeed in staying clean after my drug treatment.

Surely if you want to duplicate successful results you should be focusing on what has actually worked instead of following the same old path which leads to failure time after time? Let’s all re-look the way we approach drug treatment and perhaps the results we achieve will be far more successful as well.

David Kuhn was a drug addict for a large portion of his life, but has managed to overcome his addiction which culminated in intravenous heroin addiction. He has been ‘clean’ for ten years now and his passion is to help other people understand and overcome their addictions.


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