Back Pain Drug Treatment Addictive?

Until you suffer from a back problem you do not realize just how debilitating they can be, also just how painful. There is generally no respite from back pain, once you have an injury in this area; research into this problem is ongoing but so far only short term back relief remedies are available.

While there are a host of prescription medications that help with pain relief, many are doing nothing more than masking the symptoms instead of tackling the underlying cause of the pain. Many people with spinal problems become addicted to the medication that relieves the back pain but this should really be the responsibility of a doctor.

Doctors are under pressure to see more patients in a day and prescribing pain killers is a quick and easy method to getting the patient seen and out the door. Know I am not saying all doctors do this but it is easy to see this happening. In addition to this they are seen by pharmaceutical reps pushing there products and offering incentives to prescribe. This again will have a direct effect in the way or what the doctor proscribes.

With these pressures and 99% of back sufferers looking for fast relief it is not hard to see how many people become reliant on drugs, addicted, to manage their back pain. The approach needs to change and people need to take the long term view . Tackle the cause not the symptoms.

It is not difficult to injure your back, especially if you are a manual worker but long term problems can also be the result of an accident; once spinal injury has occurred it can be a permanent condition. The most common way to injure your back though is by lifting badly, it is usually recognized immediately by a sharp pain at the base of the spine. However, a number of back pain Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms treatments can be used without the need for drugs.

Stretching the back is often the simplest method of relief, stretching your back gently can relax your back muscles preventing them from becoming tense. Another type of treatment called reflexology uses a massage technique applied to the feet; it works very well in relieving back pain. Another benefit to reflexology is how it can improve the circulation which helps to ease tense muscles.

Although acupuncture is an age old Chinese medical practice that has been used for thousands of years, it is only recently that the Western world has accepted it as an alternative form of back pain relief. Followers of traditional Chinese medicine are of the belief that every person has an inner energy force (chi) that reflects of our state of health, mental and physical. By inserting needles in specific parts of the body, it can help to unblock qi and restore the flow. Acupuncture can be used to treat almost all kinds of ailments including pain relief around the spine and studies made in acupuncture have provided results which are quite astounding.

A slower and gentler type of Yoga called Tai Chi, once again from China, is another method of back pain control. This method uses breathing control as the main source of relief with some stretching involved. It is so easy to learn by the young and old alike. Regular exercise is also one of the best preventative medicines available and can help with back pain relief; this not only conditions the back but is an excellent preventative measure.

These are just some of the approaches to naturally managing your back pain. You may not want to take the time and go to alternative medical treatments or Tai Chi lessons down the gym. There are however alternative drug free methods you can practice in you own time.


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