Boiler Insurance – Save On Expensive Bills

Buying a new central heating boiler is a big investment with a boiler for a large house costing several thousand pounds, even buying one for a small house or flat can run to nearly a thousand pounds. Then you have the installation costs to think about, which will not be too expensive if it is just a replacement boiler but will be a lot of money if it is a totally new central heating installation.

In fact the installation costs can often outweigh the costs of the boiler, so you need to take this into account when buying one.

Also when thinking “Green”, gas boilers account for up to 60% of all domestic carbon dioxide emissions. So by replacing an older boiler that is less efficient than a newer boiler, you will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also save up to a staggering Β£250 per year in gas costs. Yes that is right Β£250 per annum, okay so you might spend Β£1,500 on having a new boiler installed, but the saving on your gas bill can pay for your boiler in just a few years alone.

Also you need to have a good look at who is installing your boiler, whilst you could buy one yourself and then get a Corgi engineer to fit it you would be well advised not to do so. For a start how do you know that the boiler Geen warm water you are buying is up to the job? E.g. will it provide sufficient heat output to heat your whole house?

If you get it wrong, then you may have a heating system that just keeps your house lukewarm rather than hot. In the worst instance this could result in you having to have another new boiler installed!

Therefore it is essential that you have a good working relationship with the company that you are buying your boiler from, even if you are not using the same company to actually install your central heating system.

It is essential that your boiler is exactly matched to the number of rooms you have with regards to radiators, as well as being matched to the number of shower or bathrooms that you have. If not you may find that if a hot tap is turned on your shower temperature drops to an unusable level.

So whatever you do ensure that you buy your new central heating boiler from a specialist who knows their business inside and out.

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