How To Get A MySpace Music Account And Upload Your Music

Setting up a MySpace music account is a great tool for your music career. Through MySpace, your music can be heard by anyone around the world.

However, getting your music onto MySpace is sometimes easier said than done. Here’s what you need to do to get your music onto MySpace.


1. Go toΒ If you already have a MySpace account, you still need a music account. These two are NOT the same thing. (This is a common misunderstanding that causes a lot of musicians to miss out on getting a MySpace Music account.)

2. Go to ‘Music’:Β To start the music account process, you have to first go to the MySpace music page. Do this by clicking on ‘music’ on the menu bar located at the top of the MySpace homepage. (It is located just under the ‘Powered by Google’ sign.)

3. Artists Signup: Now that you are in the MySpace music page, go to the Music Menu bar (it should be colored red and be located just under the regular menu bar) and click on ‘Artist Signup’. This is located on the far right side of the menu bar.


4. Set up Your Account:Β Once you have entered the artist signup screen, you’ll need to fill out all the required information so you can start a music page. Make sure you read through everything and fill everything out correctly. Once you finish the process, you will be able to create your own MySpace Music page.

5. Upload Your Music:Β WIth a Music page, you can uplaod up to 4 of your songs onto the MySpace MP3 player. These songs have to be in MP3 format. To upload them, finish your sign-up and confirm your account through the e-mail MySpace sends you. Then take the following steps:

  • Log into your Music account and go to ‘Manage Profile’. You will see a screen with several tabs on top.
  • Choose the ‘Manage Songs’. The first screen you will see after this will give you several options you can choose. Select whatever options you wish.
  • Click on ‘Update Settings’.
  • The settings screen will reappear. Above the same settings options you just selected, you will see a sentence that says ‘ADD your first song’. Cick on the word ‘ADD. (You can skip straight to this point if you like, as you don’t really need to adjust your settings first.)
  • A new screen will appear with several areas you can fill out, like Song Name, Album, etc. Fill out everything to the best of your ability. You can also select either a rank or download option.
  • Cllick ‘Update’.
  • You will now be in a new window that will ask you to upload your MP3 Independent Music Artists. A new MP3 uplaod box will appear (it can take some time to do this, so if you don’t see it at first, just wait.)
  • Click on ‘Browse’. This will take you to your computer’s desktop. Select the folder where you keep the MP3 file, then select it.
  • Click on ‘Upload’.
  • Once you upload the file, a progress bar will appear that shows you the progress of the upload process. Once it is done loading, you will be taken to a new menu screen where you can upload an image.
  • Select an image to upload the same way you did the music.
  • Once this is uploaded, you will get a message that says your music will be listed within 24 hours.
  • Check your MySpace music profile periodically to see when your music is loaded. Once it is, you will get a music player box that will allow people to listen to your music. At any one time, you can have up to 4 songs on your music player.

And that’s it! Now everyone can listen to your original creations. Upgrade your site by adding a layout and maybe uploading your video so more people will come listen to your music.


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