Know What You Need for Your Home Computer Network Solution

Knowing what you need helps you choose the correct devices to meet your needs in building your home computer network solution. This is due to the abundance of wireless devices available in the electronic stores you can purchase, easy to install devices even by non-technical person. Now, which solution is suitable to meet your need?

Know What You Need

Selecting which network devices suitable for your home, you should know what you need. As general, there are three types of home computer network solutions that meet your need. They are computer networks for:


  1. Work Only
  2. Work and Play
  3. High Performance Network


All the above types have the same networking concept but the performance of the router as the heart of the network is different. The higher the performance of your network you demand the more expensive. If the network you need is just for browsing, email, file sharing, then you don’t need a more expensive high performance network.

Computer Network Solution for Work

The first scenario for your home network solution is for work to allow you share broadband internet connection, share the printer, email and other simple networking tasks with couple of computers in the same room. In this case, you just need a modem-router device for example DSL-2540 by D-Link (for DSL service) a router with built-in DSL modem which includes 4fast Ethernet ports.

In addition to providing the wireless access for your mobile devices, you may consider the all-in-one device such as the TEW-657BRM. This is an economical wireless modem-router, a 150Mbps wireless N ADSL modem router provides both Internet access and a high speed wireless N network.

For Cable broadband services, you may consider the new all-in-one Surfboard SBG6580. This is a wireless N DOCSIS 3.0 Cable modem gateway which includes 4xGigabit Ethernet port for high speed wired connection and high speed wireless N network.

The all-in-one devices include all the requirements to build a wireless network in home easily including the security, the DHCP server, wired and wireless access.

In your computer network solution, should you require sharing the printer you can share it in a traditional way by connecting the printer to the computer and configure it to be accessible by the computer clients across the network. But for easy solution, you can choose the wireless router which includes a USB port for hosting the printer such as TEW-634GRU by Trendnet or ASUS RT-N16 Wireless-N Gigabit Router. Both routers have built-in two USB ports for sharing a USB-printer and USB-storage at the same time.

Computer Network Solution for Work and Play

Should you require a wireless network in home for work and play, you can consider the router which supports high-speed both wired and wireless connection. The router must be powered by wireless N with dual band Cloud Computing technology and supports the QoS feature such as Belkin F7D4302 Play wireless router or TEW-634GRU by Trendnet. Both routers are ideal for work and play including streaming video and include one USB port for hosting a printer or storage.

High Performance Network

Should you require a wireless network solution for fast-responsive online gaming and streaming High Definition Video as well as longer distance coverage, the network must be powered by high performance wireless router such as Linksys E-3000 or the new version E-4200 N750. Or you may also consider a DLNA compliant wireless router WNDR37AV. Those routers are designed for multimedia, high speed both wired and wireless connection. The routers support the gigabit Ethernet interfaces for both LAN and WAN ports. With the high performance network ready, the broadband internet services must be high-bandwidth as well.

If you have multiple home theater devices such as Xbox, Blu-Ray Players, HDTV, you can connect them to the wireless network by installing the multiport wireless bridge such as WLI-TX4-AG300N by Buffalo. The WLI-TX4-AG300N is powered by wireless N with dual band technology to allow you connect up to four Ethernet-ready devices to the internet.

The next computer network solution is using the Powerline adapters. When you have a multi-floor building, providing the wired or wireless access to the whole building can be difficult. Running the backbone cable for inter-floor connection can be a difficult task to do. The easy solution is to deploy Powerline adapters or Wireless router with built-in Powerline such as WNXR2000 N300 Wireless Router with built-In Powerline Av.



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