Use Carpet Protection Film For Quick And Easy Cleanup

Got a messy indoor project coming up? ceramic coating, installing new drywall, moving in new furniture–all of these jobs and more can wreck your floors, especially if they’re carpeted. Drop cloths will provide a barrier, but often they’re not completely waterproof. And besides, they tend to slide around and bunch up, leaving your floors exposed to spills, scratches, tears, and other damage.

And what about cars and other vehicles? They get filthy too! Floor mats can be cleaned, of course, but as always it’s easier to prevent them from getting dirty in the first place.

Carpet protection film is the perfect solution! Available with or without adhesive, it’s a durable, waterproof surface shield that will stay put and keep your floors safe from damage in all kinds of messy situations.

Painting And Other Home Projects

When you’re painting your walls, ceilings, and trim, you obviously want the paint to stay where you put it and not on your carpets! Drop cloths will only do so much, since they tend to slide around and usually aren’t waterproof, so a big spill will soak right through them and onto your floor.

Carpet protection film, on the other hand, will stay exactly where you put it! If your carpets are made of synthetic materials, then you’ll want a roll with adhesive backing so that it sticks to your carpet. This will damage natural fibers such as wool, however, so in that case be sure to get the non-adhesive variety. In addition to being stable, it is also totally waterproof, so even if you spill an entire can of paint, none of it will bleed through to the floor!

And if you’re doing a smaller project, like painting the baseboards, you can get a smaller roll of carpet protection film that fits onto a standard paint roller. Just roll it onto the floor along the baseboards and voila! Your rugs are safe from drips and spills.

Try Carpet Protection Film In Cars And RVs

We’ve all seen how dirty and muddy our cars can get after just one rainstorm–and in the winter? With salt, sand, snow, and goodness knows what else, the floor mats in your vehicle really take some abuse. Luckily, carpet protection film is available in small rolls for easy application on small surface like automobile floor mats. When it gets too dirty, just peel it off and apply a fresh sheet!

And if you like to go camping in an RV, consider carpet protection film there too. When you’re in the great outdoors, you’ll be tracking in mud, leaves, pine needs, and anything else that’s out there. Rather than renting a floor cleaner when you get home, why not take some preventive measures and put down a barrier instead? This way you’ll be able to keep your home away from home nice and clean, even when you’re surrounded by dirt.

Instead of doing a tedious clean-up job after a messy project, a long winter, or a camping trip, try using carpet protection film instead! After all, as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When the solution is frugal, easy to use, and completely effective, you have nothing to lose!


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